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When you’re starting a new small business, there are details you need to complete before the launch. First, structure your company as a Utah limited liability corporation for the tax advantages, added flexibility, reduced paperwork, and protection of your assets. Each state has its own regulations, so familiarize yourself with the state’s rules before going online to complete the process.

The second detail you need is a professionally designed website. Your company can’t compete in today’s marketplace without an expertly crafted website. The site is the front door to your business and the first impression potential customers see. Conversely, having a less than stellar web presence erodes a customer’s confidence in your products or services and usually sends them to a competitor’s page. Swank Design can provide you with the support you need to get a small business website that will contribute to your company’s future growth.

Web Designer

Avoid those do-it-yourself websites advertised online that promise to help you save money by creating one yourself. Your site is too important not to leave it in the hands of a professional. Shop around until you find a designer who will meet with you to understand your company’s needs first and then will create a custom website that doesn’t look like your competitors’ pages. Have it built with responsive design so it looks fabulous for every visitor whether they view it on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This is important as recent research indicates that 54% of users now access the web through mobile devices.

Your web designer needs digital copies of the documents and images you want on your website. However, large files are hard to send electronically, so consider converting them to smaller ones to make it easier. For example, convert your images to PDFs to keep the image quality but significantly reduce the file size. When you use a free PDF​ file merger, you can even combine several PDFs into one file to limit the number of attachments you send to
the designer.

Website Hosting Provider

Your new business website lives with the hosting provider of your choice. You have several options of where to place your site. Be very selective when making this choice, as you want to make sure the host provides you with:

  • Security features to protect your site from hackers
  • Servers with fast load times so customers arrive at your website in two seconds
  • Backups of your content
  • Technical support
  • Upgrades and innovations so your website receives the latest technology

Social Media Marketer

Your web page is the anchor to your company’s digital presence, and social media marketing activity is how you reach your customers. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are effective tools to build brand awareness for your company. There is no cost to create a business page on these platforms. Then, you can post appealing content on the pages to tell potential customers about your products and services and details about your company’s vision and mission. Generate new leads by creating a contest highlighting a new product you launched. It is worth hiring a professional to develop and manage a social media strategy to maximize the impact of your company’s digital presence.

Hiring professional help for these website support areas helps your new company make the right first impression. It also sets your website up for the future growth of your business.

Steven Swank

Steven has been designing websites for more than 8 years. He graduated from Johnson County Community College in Kansas City with a major in Computer Information Systems. He loves to travel and go on new adventures with his wife Madeline. He also enjoys helping people, especially when it comes to technology.

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